Building CodeSCI
DescriptionAntonucci Science Complex
Notesformally Science Center, includes Condike Wing
Room CodeSCI 304
DescriptionAntonucci Science 304 Organic Lab (10)
Room TypeLab
Floor3rd Floor
Setup Hours0.00
Teardown Hours0.00
NotesAir Conditioning. 18 Black Plastic Chairs. 9 Tables. 4 Lab Tables.

Lecture Area: There are 14 black plastic/metal rolling chairs (supposed to have 4 more rolling chairs that are in 308), 9 gray w/ gray edge rolling tables, 1 gray rolling table w/ gray edges at front w/ 1 black plastic/metal rolling chair, a light wooden podium w/ black edges, extron machine in top, hp computer, and Samsung projector on shelf, (blu-ray player, extron machines, and 15 amp power center in podium) 4 windows looking into an side Instrumentation room, a multi-panel whiteboard, a screen (controlled by buttons), and a projector, speakers in ceiling, automatic lighting, and fire alarms.
Lab Area: There are 4 huge gray top/wood tables w/ drawers, sinks, outlets, and valves, gray/wood counters w/ sinks, 8 windows in room, windows around doors, 4 windows looking into an side Instrumentation room, surveillance cameras, speakers in ceiling, a fire extinguisher, fire alarms, a first aid kit, an eyewash station, an emergency shower, PlexiGlass stations on lab tables, and AC.
Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
Academic Setup018
As Is018
Social Distancing010
Air Conditioning
Apple TV
Blu-Ray Player
Extron 226IP DV+
HP Computer
Movable Furniture
No Movable Furniture
Podium Mediated
Tables and chairs